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Professional Development Associates (PDA) began operations in 1996 providing performance management and internal control consulting to over 30 state agencies and regional companies. In 2003 PDA was contracted by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to provide training course development and delivery serving private and public sector organizations. Course specialties are: the COSO based internal control framework and applications; operational auditing; internal audit processes and supervision. Additionally, in 2006, PDA was contracted by the IIA to develop and present a prototype public sector seminar program geared toward state and local government auditing practitioners.

Since 2007, in addition to courses on the internal control framework, PDA has provided compliance reviews and corrective action plans along with internal control policy and procedure development and implementation to public sector and third sector organizations. The focus of the consulting has been on compliance controls for extramural funding programs for several universities, including in depth application of compliance ranging from federal grants to private contracts.

Consulting Services

Since 1996, PDA has performed a wide range of internal control consulting services to regional companies, municipalities, state agencies, federal agencies and universities. Beginning in 2007, emphasis has been on compliance reviews and corrective action plans to ensure adequate and effective compliance controls. To facilitate the corrective action plans, PDA provides extensive policy and procedure development and implementation to effectuate the compliance controls.

PDA's consulting activities are designed to meet the individual needs of the client and are negotiated for each assignment. Depending on the project needs, associates with specialized expertise are contracted to facilitate the engagement.

Course Customization and Presentation

PDA offers a wide range of courses related to the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) integrated framework of internal control, all of which can be customized to meet specific needs for organizations, chapters or national associations.

After the release of the COSO 2013 update to the integrated framework, PDA created a series of courses geared to anyone and everyone affected by the internal control process. To assist in familiarizing practitioners with the new framework, PDA published a dedicated web site to the COSO 2013 publication at this link:

Controls Framework Website

COSO 2013 Quick Reference Guide

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