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Lawrence W. Paz

Author, Instructor and Consultant

Larry is an editor, author, entrepreneur, and educator. He helps improve the performance of individuals and organizations by providing tools and processes to meet today's increasing demands.

He has extensive experience in developing personnel to recognize their opportunities to grow personally and professionally. As a personal coach he focuses people on the skills, traits, and challenges that promote personal growth, and helps them achieve their dreams.

Larry develops seminars and training programs that help for profit and nonprofit organizations recruit, train, and sustain thriving teams. As a consulting instructor, Larry developed and presented seminars for the Institute of Internal Auditors with a specialty in communications, leadership and systems analysis.

He held executive leadership positions in the entrepreneurial, corporate, and nonprofit venues. His varied consulting and training assignments in finance, banking, manufacturing, distribution, government, health care, insurance, and service industries offer an expansive business perspective. As a change specialist, he uses a team approach to evaluate, transform, and implement quality improvement processes.

He's been actively involved as owner/operator and partner of several businesses including: education and training, recruiting, restaurants, marble products, quilting, web development, and media development.

Larry earned bachelor's and master’s degrees from Boston University and Virginia Commonwealth University with emphasis in accounting, marketing, management, and information systems. He is a contributing member to the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.e Sawyer Legacy


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